Spectacular Ice Sculptures and Special Designs

Charles E. Jones, an award winning Certified Executive Chef with 20 years of expertise, Culinary Educator and founder of The Ice Man, can transform your next affair into a spectacular presentation with a selection of the most innovative ice designs available. The medium that he works with, ices, and is fragile and unforgiving. The studio is a climate-controlled facility. This frozen environment gives the opportunity to design and create sculptures that might seem impossible to carve out of frozen water.

There are two types of sculptures depicted in the gallery. The first style is called a snow design. The sculpture has been designed and sculpted to exact specifications of the client. After the detailed process of carving out the design, the sculpture is then filled in with many layers of snow and ice. This style of sculpture lends itself to more intricate designs and replication of particular client wishes. These sculptures are truly unique, and are momentary works of art.

The second style of sculptures are known as the three dimensional creations. These sculptures that do not resemble the original 300-ice block. They capture the beauty of the subject if only for a period of hours.

Charles has created memorable receptions and ice sculptures for corporations such as Pepsi and General Electric, for past presidents and dignitaries including Ronald Reagan, Cardinal O'Connor and Senator Bradley in addition to countless wedding receptions and holiday affairs.

Make your next occasion truly unique with a spectacular ice sculpture by

The Ice Man

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